The Art of “How Not To Write”

Why do I do this,

Over and over again.

Why do I create chaos among my peace.

I’m not ugly in your conventional sense. I do not wish to cut someone’s throat.

I’m ugly in the sense that I believe in treating your fellow beings as equal. I do not believe that a women can’t be president or that they cannot run a fortune 500 company, whatever the hell that is.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter what you think of me, I mean, probably, it’ll matter to you, or you’ll think it matters to you, but in reality, whatever you think of me, is just a little sketch of the whole picture. Or the thought.

This ostentatious and heavy words that we use, they are limited by their capability.

For example, just to convey what all went through my head, as I started writing it and as it drifted towards something unplanned, would require more time and words than it did in my head. I know I’m talking very clumsily but that is the point I’m trying to make.

By now, I’ve lost the attention of most of you and those who thought that I do not know how to write, those were the exact people I wanted to avoid. See, if you’re looking for tips and advice on writing genre fiction, I’m not the guy you want to meet. If you want to write certain words that’ll impact someone’s view of world, then maybe, just maybe, I’m the guy who can guide you.

Something occurred to me today. Lately I’ve been trying to change the way I write, I’d been writing the way it’ll be at the level of fourth graders, after all, that’s the acceptable limit if you want your words to be popular. All that I’ve written so far, and by association you’ve read so far, isn’t grammatically incorrect, yet most of the people who dictate what sort of words will be published will try to tell you I’m the writer you should avoid.

See, writing like this, it comes so easy to me. And if I try to write the way genre fiction is written, I’ll end up choking on my words. I’ll end up thinking of the perfect word to describe the emotion, perfect adjective to ornate the quality I’m trying to highlight and I’ll do that simply because it’ll be the acceptable writing. Writing that can be popularised for general public.

But then, I hate common idiotic people and that’s what they are. And by this point, I’ll lose most of the remaining readers who have made till this point. But that’s all right. Because now I’m talking to someone who really feels suffocated by what acceptable writing has become.

Have you ever noticed how the slightest ticks send you in a frenzy of flashbacks? It all happens in brief microseconds. In few seconds, you recall events that took years to occur and yet you recalled, you remembered all of them in few seconds. It seems like such a complex paradox and yet it happens. So why do we don’t write like that? Clumsy writeups aren’t acceptable, isn’t that what everyone says? Isn’t that what I’ve been repeating over and over again by now?

You tell me, I wanted to convey one simple thought and yet I’ve taken so many words and such valuable time out of your busy like. How much time has really passed?

Maybe it’s stupid, after all, I could have simply made the point I wanted to make in ten words. But then you wouldn’t remember it after ten hours or maybe ten days. Somehow we believe that the more we suffer, or give effort, whichever one suits you well, the more profound the learning, or lesson, was. Just to throw you off further of the radar, I could add a exhilarating life experience. That always works.

Tell me this, in the time that has passed so far, since the moment you started reading this, and started cussing me for all the crap that I’m throwing at you, were you simply reading my words? Or in the back of your head, while reading these words, you thought of all the moments out of your life where this words might have related with you more? Probably the second one. No, I’m not a magician or a psychic, it’s just the raw truth about human consciousness. And yet, so far, I haven’t used one word that would have required you to open a dictionary or whatever else you use, Google is a popular and convenient alternative. By now, whoever has made it till here, I’ve done all that I wanted to do. I’ve made you question, maybe not the writing process, but definitely something that will someday end up having an importance in your life. And if I didn’t, then I definitely taught you how not to write.

I’d prefer if it’s the first one.


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  1. Nitesh, there is lot to think about here. First, you write very well. Second, you do not need to use words that don’t come to you naturally. I personally do not need “the English dictionary versifying on my floor”. Haha! I wrote a poem about that, but I did not post it yet. Good piece. I enjoy it.

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