Not really an obsession

Music made me a better person.

I’m not controlled by the powerful forces of music no!! And I wouldn’t call my love for music an obsession not really,music got me through a lot in the past and of course the present. 

Music = life

My taste for music has evolved over the years.Currently I listen to a lot of contemporary Christian music but I’ve not lost touch with the likes of Andra Day ,Emilie Sande ,The late Whitney Houston ,Celine Dion ,Nina Simone, Kelly clarkson and a few More .

Music played a role that no one else ((apart form God)) could have played in my life. Music was my hiding place ,I felt like a star every time I’d tune the radio to nation & kiss FM and sing along to all the songs. My mum always warned me about spending hours with headphones but you guessed right I never stopped.

I have a weird belief that when in was in my mothers womb any time I’d hear music playing I’d start kicking and jamming to my favorite songs. (don’t even….)

When I was around five or four years, there were this cool Congolese guys who would lead the praise and worship sessions whenever they were around (John Jack,howdy) They were good singers,keyboardists and guitarists.

So one awesome Sunday I was jamming to my guys,looking all cute in a pink white polka dotted skirt,jumping up and down praising the Lord with all my heart,body and soul,when my cute skirt decided to bless the ground and leave me half naked. 

Mi gangsta self looked at my mum put my skirt on and danced like nothing ever happened.

Me and music go way back its that serious people,there’s literally no genre’s of music that I’ve not listened to,reggae,soft Rock,pop,zilizopendwa, EDM,kapuka etc.

Music also keeps your brain engaged according to Hopkins medicine

“If you want to keep your brain engaged throughout the aging process, listening to or playing music is a great tool. It provides a total brain workout.” Research has shown that listening to music can reduce anxiety, blood pressure, and pain as well as improve sleep. 

There many other things that I stress // obsess over but let’s not go there,a part two should come through!!Sorry for the Short post I’m guilty of not prepping early.

Wanji was here ✌

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