Second Chances and Fairy Tales, True Loves Will

I’ve struggled with this all week which is surprising considering the amount of poetry and prose about love present on my personal blog.

At the end of the day, I write about ultimately giving true love a second chance.

It seems awfully romantic to me and I’m a romantic at heart.

The idea that two people can come back together when it’s real … well it just hits like an arrow to the heart huh? (ha-ha-ha).

Truthfully, I’m also awfully jaded. Would I love for second chances to be reality? Absolutely. But life rarely works out in cinematic proportions.

Rather we trudge through burdened by our fears, expectations, beliefs about reality and reality of our beliefs. Those fairy tale endings never end up happening, no matter how much we will them to leap from our dreams into every day life.

I would love to write a poem for you all about true love and fairy tales or about fairy tales that fall apart but that would make reality all that much more real.

For now I prefer to deal in fantasy. I know reality will be waiting for me.

So, this week I leave you with this piece which was originally published on my blog in Nov. 2017

I Can’t Keep Count

I can’t keep count
Of the moments
That have passed me by.
Each one sinking in like a hammer
To the heart,
Cracking the spirit,
Threatening to tear the soul.
It’s a mystery to me
Why I am pulled so.
Moments in time,
Easily forgotten.
But I can’t keep count
Of the dreams I have
Or the nights I lie awake
When I feel that stirring,
Churning and rising,
From the places I strained
To hide it.
I can’t keep count
Of the mysteries
You inspire in me;
Of the memories
You awaken in me,
Like ancient spirits
Springing forth,
Speaking a language
Cryptic and romantic.
Mostly I just can’t keep count
Of the moments
I wish you were here
With me.




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