Give Yourself A Break

I want to share a secret with you guys.

I’m exhausted.

All the time.

I sit at work sometimes nearly falling asleep at my desk.

I’m not always like this. Sometimes it can be attributed to depression but sometimes I just have to take a break.

A couple weeks ago my alarm went off and try as I might, I just could not haul myself out of bed.

I laid in bed so long my dogs protested their lack of outside time and food.

I laid in bed so long my daughter woke up and thought “maybe it’s Saturday” (it was not).

I laid in bed so long my normally dark mornings turned light and my alarm cycled through all the snoozes and all the alarms I set.

I was just so tired.

From work.

From school.

From being a parent.

From life.

I found myself wishing that Prince Charming, or anyone at that point, would swoop in and save the day.

He did not and life marched on.

It didn’t change the fact that I needed a break. I was drowning under the expectations of everyone and everything else in life. The constant dance of wake up, get ready get ready, work, school, home, parenting, sleep *finally oh my god sweet surrender sleep* … Was suffocating me. With my brain deprived of oxygen I couldn’t think to write.

Without a creative outlet I felt flat, colorless and completely lifeless.

It all built up, one thing on another.

Finally, nearly at a breaking point, I took a day off work, I emailed my professors and explained that my papers would be late that week and I spent a day doing nothing but decompressing from the constant pressure of the world around me.


That break was needed and so important for me. I’m sure without it I would still be struggling to keep up and probably in even worse shape now.

It’s important for everyday life and our creative processes to work in time to relax. No one can go full throttle all the time.

My suggestion is find things you enjoy outside of the norm, other creative endeavors or something similar, and take time every now and then to indulge those.

Give yourself a break! We all deserve it.

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