Meet The Perfectly Imperfects

The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch


Nitesh Mishra of Sketches By Nitesh

Sketches By Nitesh was my attempt at organizing the clutter of thoughts that always brew a storm in my mind. Dear Readers, my name is Nitesh Mishra and Sketches by Nitesh is about pen and ink sketches, proses, poetry and life musings. Poetry holds a special place over everything simply because of one simple fact. I started my journey of penning words on paper with poetry, not broken proses, but broken poetry. Wander through the clutter of a realist who simply says this, “If an honest view everyday isn’t your cup of tea, walk away.”

Once I realized my writing hunger wouldn’t be satiated with writing my thoughts alone and on one blog, I gave a spark to this little experiment. An experiment we like to call, “The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch.” Take you time and meet the team.


Bisma Naveed of A Thought Process

I’m the most optimistic pessimist you’ll ever meet. I believe to not believe. Surrounded a little too much by my conflicting thoughts, I love to retreat within the comfort of my soothing words. Writing, it wasn’t something I explored along the way, it was just there throughout, a pleasureable relief, something that I am greatly passionate about. And oh did I mention that there is something about blank white pages that i find oddly fascinating? Having lived in one place my entire life, I have always been a little too observant, always clinging to the reality that lies beneath the apparent vision. Somehow everything speaks to me in ways divergent than the others and I can’t help but feel this restless impulse to make these voices known, to set them out there for people to hear through the imagery in my words.

Besides that, I am just your average teenager figuring her way around this meandering track called life.


Pradita Kapahi of The Pradita Chronicles

Pradita is a former lawyer who now does legal freelancing and publishes her articles/poetry on her small blog – She’s been an avid reader and daydreamer all her life and you can frequently catch her in serious conversations with characters from her stories. She started writing only a year back and has never understood why she didn’t write before. But she hopes she’ll someday publish her book and maybe earn the tag – writer.

Brett Little of Individual Expressions Of A Naive Mind

I’m a 35 year old from a town called Harlow, in a county called Essex in the U.K. (About an hours drive from London). I’ve a 6 year old non-verbal autistic boy, I’m also a massive board gamer and video gamer and love to travel when giving the chance so I can absorb myself in other cultures and traditions, I’m also pretty much an open book about everything and anything (there’s always an exception so I would never say fully) I’m pretty much a contradiction personified when it comes to a lot of things, I would say I’m Agnostic but I do have a firm belief in the supernatural,
I’m a realist with a penchant for optimism while having a whole bunch of nihilist mentalities,
I’m a romantic that has always been seduced by tragedy, I’ve been writing for the last 20 odd years but it’s only been this year that I switched what I would do to be more along the form of prose/poetry

Grabbety Covens of Surviving The Struggles To Success

My name is Grabbety Covens. It’s been three minutes since I last wrote anything. I’m addicted to words. I have a serious problem. I guess you could say I’m a realist. I’m not holding to any particular religion. I’ve had to struggle most of my life, some of it was brutal. I’m not ‘bitter’ about it, I was for a while but, now I’m ‘better’, and I know it’s because of it. I have two daughters who need a healthy father to always be here to love them, and so they can have someone to make fun of. I’m that guy.


Wanji of Beauty By Wanji

Kelley of Author Anon

Gabriela of Short Prose Fiction

Warren bell of Inward Exponential

Smita of My Expressions


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