Fiction writing 101….Mansion

Fiction is something that I dread he most…its not that I am bad at it but I am too slow at it. I mean it takes me long enough to build a character and define it. Sometimes I go so deep that it bores me and sometimes I am in such a hurry that it takes away the thrill out of it. When I was a school going teenager, I used to tell lot of stories to my bus mates and they nick named me “Story Girl” but now it’s little different from those times. Me and my stories are evolving and shaping up even better but the process has become bit slow. I keep honing my skills now and then but I don’t know where I have reached. So mostly I stick to poetry or to non fictional things.
Recently I wrote in fact would say tried my hand again on short piece of fiction. I am sharing it with you all here, hope not to disappoint you people out.

Barren land and grey skies. …in between stood alone a middle age manssion. Nothing to surround it but barren lonelyness of the atmosphere. Cold environment, full moon night. No other source of light except the moon, itself. For miles the nothingness can be felt. Not a sound,complete pindrop silence.

In that lonely night the manssion stood like a soldier. A silhouette of itself. Mist hovering above it. Thunder strike! and in that flash of light for a second the appearance of the manssion reveals itself..old paint but not chipped, only roughed by time and weather. Stone steps to the main entrance, one broken glass window in the left, on the second floor. It was five storied building. Tightly closed doors and windows, broken name plate. Not a single soul to welcome life. And then again it’s covered in the darkness.

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You’ve got all what I want,

I lost everything looking for you,

My heart still wanders in search,

But only you can give what I desire.

What you did was not good,

Though we shared the magic; I was again the looser,

But in that loss; I outshine, Everything you have.

‘Cause depth of love you can’t take,

No one in the world can love you the way I do,

For me the way to love you; is madness,

No other way I understand.

At the end of the day you will know, love!

And I pray you’ll turn fully to me,

Then I will sing sweet nothings ,

As love will conquer all oddities.

Till then I am waiting with my heart missing beats now and then.

This week’s theme…love poem. Mine I wrote a few weeks ago when was bit hurt and wanted to tell him everything I felt at the moment but had no courage to wrote a poetry and still have no courage to share it with him. But hope someday it happens.


I am sorry i was not able to post last week and this Monday too, but the problem is I am not on facebook so i dont get to know the theme. But goingthrough fellow bloggers posts I thought to shar3 with toi all this small piece of mine I once wrote on another page, hope you all approve it.

Night is here and am ready to sleep

but my pillow is not ready to weep

Everyday it wipes away my tears

But every night I have my fears

I struggle each day to smile

Sometimes it seems forever, for a while

The agony doesn’t ends here

each new moment is a wear and tear

Inside I fight a constant war

But again love is my only hope I am living for.

Importance of research.

Words, words and words everywhere! Some on paper some on screen and some on my mind. But when it comes to write down and give them a shape, it really is difficult for me. Why? Because I love writing something meaningful something which gives some sort of satisfaction or knowledge or even entertainment to some level. And for that, my knowledge should be perfect and deep enough to have some sort of authority on the topic which I am writing or even thinking to write.

For that sole purpose I totally depend upon gathering of information collected through talking to people, reading anything I can lay my hand upon related to the topic, listening to some auditory material, watching clippings, videos, travelling or any form of research that is available and even my own experiences count in.

The research material when processed, turns out to be beautiful piece of article. So I think that research plays a very important role in giving a right meaning to the story or article. It brings authenticity to it. Without it, story when made up and written, is like wastage of time, energy and efforts of both the reader and writer.

As being a writer, we are responsible people who represent the society, the culture and the mindset of our times and even past or future if we are literate enough. And this comes only and only from the research, in or of any kind. Basically, research is a mode of increasing our knowledge, which in turn shows in our handy work.

Secondly, if we have full control of the subject we can keep the hold on intrest of our readers or else it would be big turnoff for them, if suppose we are writing a story about a neuro surgeon and if we are not able to characterise properly or do it just through our superficial knowledge about the profession, it might turn as a joke or piece of crap, where the character is not defined properly or in a balanced form. Though too much of knowledge may also bore the character, but a proper balance can be worked upon if we know it thoroughly. And here research comes handy. For our made up world must sound true because it’s said that even the fantasy writers cannot escape the reality. Though we invent tales that didn’t really happen, we drape them over a framework of real-life facts.

For me research has also been source of information for many new topics. Again why? Simple. Because when I have an idea, some thoughts and knowledge about it, the moment I start writing it down and at some point of time I feel the need for research to be done deeply, I put the whole thing aside for a while and indulge myself into research. So engrossed I am, in it that I try to soak in all the information about it, around it and topics regarding it that finally when I come out of that mode, I find myself overloaded with many new ideas and adventurous information. You may be surprised, but doing research, although time consuming, can also be lots of fun and you will learn stuff you never expected.

May be many if us dread research part, but my opinion is that we should do our homework before starting on that piece because that is the only way to make the reader sit on edge with a thought in his mind ‘how? Or if it would have happened?’ Kind of questions.

The final word can be not more than this, that research is the base for writing a good article or a story. It provides depth, meaning and sense to the words we write, it becomes authentic and intresting. Has the ability to hold the reader in place. If questions put up answers can be given without a second thought or hesitation. That draws in the readers and keeps them engaged making them hold their disbelief. Because diving into writing something big without the tool of research, the first step may turn out to be fatal.

Ezra Pound said ‘literature is news that stays news. And a novelist has nearly the same obligation for accuracy as a news writer.’

Image source: Houston writers guild.

Home sweet home.

In my paternal home which is located 40 kms from Jaipur, and is very old, people say they have seen an old man in white attaire with long white beard along with a big and very long snake, which too has a beard. They are mostly seen by people who are not from the family or the people who enter the place with wrong intensions.

We’ve been living in that place since genrations and never encountered any such thing. Still people are afraid of entering the place after the dusk falls. Recently an old lady who was appointed to do ‘pooja’ daily in a small family temple located in the oldest part of the house, which also is hovered by the looming hills, got her leg fractured. When she was asked how it happened? She said she saw someone in white attire with long white beard who appeared sad or not happy with her efforts, so in her hurry she slipped on the steps and fell down which led to the fracture. But when my uncle who lives in the village itself, went to check for it, he found nothing of the sort.

On every ‘Deewali’ night many from the village gather at the foothills of the hills adjoining our place, waiting for the snake to appear and the hill to glow in golden hue, which according to them happens only for a flick of a second. But is visible to only those who are considered blessed. Very few people are left who have got the chance to witness this phenomenon along with the old man and the mythical snake.

In our family they believe that the presence of the snake denotes the presence of wealth hidden by our ancestors in our home. And the old man is none other than one of them, who is looking after the family home and the family. His presence is felt by many in our home but not anyone from the family members. Once I remember as a child I heard a story from old village man who said that my grandfather in his youth tried to dug out that wealth. He had sent my great grandmother to his city home in Jaipur and he started the search. Here in city that very night she got a dream, where an old man in white with long white beard appeared and warned her saying that if she wants her son to be alive she should stop him form digging the area or else he will die. As this is not for him but for the fourth genration. The next day my great grand mother started back for village and asked my grandfather to stop all that. That was the first and last time anyone tried for the hidden treasure. But the appearence of the two pious beings is still felt and are seen from time to time.

I know it’s weird but it’s true. I mean whatever I told you is true but that doesn’t mean I believe in all this. But old families do have such spooky stories, don’t they?


If by any means every written thing is to disappear, though strange yet worth giving a thought or two…

If it so does happen what I would like to do is go back to our gurukul method of preaching in ancient times…the verbal one. Where the mind used to play an important role. No I don’t mean to say it doesn’t now but no one can deny the fact that now a days smart phones are taking over! So engrossed we are in them that part of our memory is vanishing which was logical part mostly. 

So, yes I was talking about the verbal method of teaching of gurukul.  Using teg same method I would like to take advantage of the situation and impart the knowledge of ethics, morality, forgiveness (a rare quality these days, mostly preached by writers, poets, artists and ironically by politicians),truthfulness, love(in true or natural form, at some level), peace, originality and honesty. These are some virtues we are lacking in different measures in different people. If this could be restored I think world once again will be a peaceful place to dwell upon. Free of fear of loss of dignity specially for women, there is small possibility that there would be no death in the name of religion, cast or color or even region.

The materialistic world and the mean ideology of the same may be put to check if true values are once again reinstated or at least tried to. No one will be blood thirsty, the cut throat competetion and menace will be showed their way down,the glory of womanhood will be celebrated once more, the girl child will get the chance to live her life as blissfully as life itself. Faith and belief once again will rule. Trust may gain popularity as one of the traits of good people.

In short I would like to impart the principle of universal brotherhood the key element of our prestigious culture ‘vasudhaiv kutumbkam’. May be I may sound preachy myself and may be out of course for this week’s line but this was the first thought that striked me on seeing the mail in my inbox regrading this week’s theme. So if some misplacement is observed, please forgive my poor understanding of the whole thing.

Spam mail

We all keep dealing with spams. Don’t we? I just hate these mails as instead of right mails I get these more! 

Though we don’t deal with them and specially I delete the moment I get them. Recently I deleted such mail from some one called Christopher Mulet. But the moment I deleted I got another in not more than 15 minutes. Again I did same with it. Next day what I see first thing in the mails, mail from Christopher Mulet! I this time decided the wot her way round to deal with it. So replyed to it. And for two mails kept on engaging them in a conversation. But didn’t reveal 4 their demand of giving my details and the money they asked 900 US $. 

The third mail I got from them was like a cursing and abusing from them and in their native language that was Swahili! Language spoken in Sri Lanka. That means the person was not from Africa or not even Christopher Mulet but someone from Sri Lanka who hacked Christopher ‘ s e mail account and used it to spam. After that I didn’t get any mail from that id at least till now.

That is it. Intresting or not but this was my adventure.

I share 3 tips for newbies like me.

Hi there everyone! This week we have a topic of 3 advices for new bloggers. First of all I would like to apologise for being late as it is Christmas today and am busy from last two days and today stole time from packed schedule just not to disappoint you all. But to state first and straight, I myself am not an experienced blogger nor an established one, there are many others and specially my co-authors  here are more authorised personalities to do so, hence I am not advising anything here just sharing 3 tips for the new bloggers like me.

1. Read more. Reading is a good habbit. We get lot of new ideas, we get better hold on our way of writing because we get to learn many things from other writers. In fact reading lot of times help with the big question of ‘ what to write ?’ That is, it helps in writer’s block and it does fuel our mind with new ideas. We might develop our own style by deep analysis of other writer’s style. What genre we write in, the study of same genre give us deep insight of how to deal with different topics in our story. In time we see the difference in our writing from the first topic we wrote and the newest we have written. The more we read the more we learn. I don’t remember who said but some one quoted saying one who cannot read cannot write, even. So reading is important.

2. Don’t give long gap. Secondly I would like to say that we should not give long gaps between our two blog posts.  I mean the gap should be not indefinite. If we are not writing for two or three days it’s ok but every time it should be the same gap. Or better decide days when you want to post. Don’t miss those or people will start loosing intrest in your blog. In short continuity  should be there in your blog posts. It is much important.

3. Double check. Whether you are writing a fiction or a non fiction, you should double check your post before publishing. In case of fiction, the double check is for knowing whether or not you have made any grammatical mistake or typo or say you didn’t miss out any point you wanted to write and have placed all your characters properly. In case of non fiction, double check is more important to see if all the information is correct. Whatever we are trying to convey is appropriate or not and is not hurting any sentiments. Writing non fiction is a work of liability. So before starting to write, the information gathered should be checked thoroughly, and lot of deep investigation and research work be put in it and while writing, one should be very cautious. 

See I don’t know if I sound like anyone to give tips even, but what I do myself I have shared. This is a small post because I count myself as a learner, still. What I have learnt till now and what I follow myself I have shared.  Hope I don’t sound dumb.          

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