Only I can see πŸ‘€

Hi…. this is my first post on TPIMB 2018 and I originally posted this poem on my personal page,it’s one of my favorite piece for now and I hope you’ll enjoy it. This weeks theme was we write anything.

Have you ever been afraid of sharing your dreams not because they’re impossible ,your just worried about what people will say, I’m guilty.

Its hard to find someone who sees what you see and believes in you crazy imaginations …

I love imagining stuff and I never really
share them with anyone apart from my mum who’s the greatest woman alive!! She’s weird and funny. She does make fun of me sometimes but lol, she supports and encourages me a lot.

Dont be afraid of imagining what you want your life to be like,what kinda of
husband// wife you want ,what lengths you want your relationship with GOD to go or head,the car & house you want to own Even the kids you want to have,nothing is impossible you just have to believe..but again don’t just believe act!!


Truth is it’s unseen
It’s in my heart & mind
A vision,imagination
A dream only for dreamer’s
It only gets dimmer
Only I can see it

It’s sent not searched for
To see it you have to believe it
To hold it you have to dream it
Shutting out the whole world
Playing only to your song
Only I can see it

Scared of the animadvert
That lurks like the devil
Ready to devour
Kill and destroy all ambitions
Disperse only what I can see
Kill them with keenness

She’s too opine
Only God’s opinion matter
A force to reckon with
Turn and twist ruthlessly
Shine amidst Havocs
Only I can see
I’m okay with my invisible thought’s


I believe you enjoyed the poem check out the other posts and see yah soon

What no one told me about blogging.

Even with all the advice given on how to blog and be a boss at it,you’ll never be prepared enough so thumbs up for taking the first step STARTING.My tips are pretty simple and straight to the point.

I’d spend the whole day trying to explain to you how to be the most successful blogger but I would never prepare you enough. I’ve learnt so much since I started blogging early this year,I have had to look for information everywhere since I knew no one who had tried blogging,either way I’ve experienced both failure and success,I’d even write a whole book but lets just stick to only three points for today.

Flexible blog title

Who stressed over what title they’d give their blog,I did ,we all did and maybe we’re still stressing over the titles we chose.

Your going to evolve as a writer and also want to try out new writing techniques. A title that can be changed without confusing or displacing the fun base you have gained,will give you freedom to test the Waters until You find your niche.

There’s nothing wrong with trying out different writing techniques and topics. For some it takes years or months to identify their strengths in writing,so be calm and patient with yourself.

✳Also having interesting titles for your posts is important.

as much as you can BUT

As you read don’t be selective, the only way to enhance your knowledge is by broadly reading like, read both success and failure stories you shall learn more from both 

Read all topics coz it broadens your imagination and your writing abilities a good example is us The perfect imperfect bunch ,we’re all different creative writers ,I personally specialize in beauty ,hair and lifestyle but when it comes to TPIB I write nothing similar to what I specialize in. We get different topics every week that challenge us to broaden our knowledge on topics we had never really engaged in.

Its not all about the likes and views

The joy of getting many likes on a post is overwhelming,it means someone read the post and loved it. But again its not all about the likes,at times you’ll give your all to a post and the feed back will suck,does that necessarily mean that your post was bad,NO!!

The view’s are a good sign of growth so if your getting no views like not Even one theres something wrong,maybe you’re not engaging with other writers or you’re not marketing your Posts well on your social media sites. But again the views do fluctuate not all months// weeks// days are good,some days as much as you promote your work ,the view’s don’t show it. 

Your writing shouldn’t be dictated by likes,comments and views it should be the other way round. So if that first post that you gave your all didn’t to well,no worries you can work on that as long as you don’t give up or quit and if it did well don’t be over excited put in more effort.

We’re are all creative messes that’s what makes each and every single one of us unique writers// bloggers.

Congrats on starting this awesome journey and for those of us who have been around for a while ,let’s keep learning and embracing each other because we do need each Other.

Thank you for reading this short post I believe it shall be of help to many,this is my last 2017 post and I have heard such great time here at TPIB thank you all for this awesome opportunity to share my diverse thoughts without getting judged and discouraged. 

Don’t forget to Check out all the other Post’s.

See you’ll in 2018.

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Writing Brain Freeze

The connection between mountains and brains is still MIA..

I pretty much had a difficult time trying to figure out why the hell I sometimes run out of word’s to write like at this very moment I’m in a fix.
Writing when I don’t feel like writing is a challenge that annoys me so much. The funny thing is I rarely go through these phases ,but they do happen once in a while. 

Most of the times when I don’t feel like writing I push myself to write,but sometimes it just never works. ((the heart wants what it wants they say)) So most of the time I motivate myself to write by reading other blog articles or my favorite books.. Or long Facebook Post’s stuff like that.

I’m the straight forward type of person, I say what I want to say clear and uncut and sometimes I have to consider the audience I’m talking// writing to ,so sometimes I just run out of words or run short of words and I prefer not writing at all…

As I write this this I’m going through this rough and tough phase,I’m struggling to write this few words and its really annoying when my Brain decides to shut me out yet its mine!! 

This post is a live example of writing when you have nothing to write.

So please bear with me and this extremely short post,let’s soldier on my people and when you don’t feel like at least try,like I’ve done ((judge me not))

Merry Christmas to everyone that celebrates it. (I do so you can wish me to)

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2018 Resolutions


My expectations are pretty simple and all over the place.

This year has been a discovery phase for me,every aspect of my life took a new turn somehow, I’ve discovered and learnt so much about myself as an individual and about my writing skills.

I never thought that I would write anything apart from Beauty rituals,but I was shocked I’m pretty good at story telling to so this has been an awesome year and my expectations next year are not many.

Growth,in every aspect of my life. Physically, spiritually, mentally name it. I plan to improve my writing immensely like by having a writing schedule and writing everyday. I don’t prefer posting everyday but I believe good content takes time to create but there’s no Other way to grow my writing skills,so I plan to write at least once a day.

Read,read,read a lot. This year I managed to read three books and I hope to finish the Fourth one before the year ends. Last year I read none,so I’m pretty proud of my self. I plan to read as many books as I can. 

I also hope to take my blog to the next level and start earning a little something and hopefully be a blogger and content creator full time. ( I can’t wait)

YouTube is something I’ve had on my mind since 2014 ( when I created a YT channel) and i believe that I’ll dive into the world of YouTube,I still don’t have a camera but I have my phone so YT has to happen hopefully next year.

Quit my 1215 hour job. I came in for the experience and exposure,I got them. Hopefully a time like this next year I’ll be putting big ticks on my vision board having accomplished almost everything.

Take care of myself more, I can boldly say I’ve neglected my body and health this year and its not going to happen again. In order to be productive in everything I hope to do I need to be in good shape mostly health wise.

Enjoy everyday as it comes,this year has been rough and tough for everyone in our country,since we’re done with the political phase we can normalize and hustle harder peacefully enjoying every hour// week//month of 2018.

Lastly I’m not going to stress myself over anything, whatever is ment to be shall be.

Short post as usual but I hope you enjoyed it be sure to check out all the other Post’s on this week theme.

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Not really an obsession

Music made me a better person.

I’m not controlled by the powerful forces of music no!! And I wouldn’t call my love for music an obsession not really,music got me through a lot in the past and of course the present. 

Music = life

My taste for music has evolved over the years.Currently I listen to a lot of contemporary Christian music but I’ve not lost touch with the likes of Andra Day ,Emilie Sande ,The late Whitney Houston ,Celine Dion ,Nina Simone, Kelly clarkson and a few More .

Music played a role that no one else ((apart form God)) could have played in my life. Music was my hiding place ,I felt like a star every time I’d tune the radio to nation & kiss FM and sing along to all the songs. My mum always warned me about spending hours with headphones but you guessed right I never stopped.

I have a weird belief that when in was in my mothers womb any time I’d hear music playing I’d start kicking and jamming to my favorite songs. (don’t even….)

When I was around five or four years, there were this cool Congolese guys who would lead the praise and worship sessions whenever they were around (John Jack,howdy) They were good singers,keyboardists and guitarists.

So one awesome Sunday I was jamming to my guys,looking all cute in a pink white polka dotted skirt,jumping up and down praising the Lord with all my heart,body and soul,when my cute skirt decided to bless the ground and leave me half naked. 

Mi gangsta self looked at my mum put my skirt on and danced like nothing ever happened.

Me and music go way back its that serious people,there’s literally no genre’s of music that I’ve not listened to,reggae,soft Rock,pop,zilizopendwa, EDM,kapuka etc.

Music also keeps your brain engaged according to Hopkins medicine

β€œIf you want to keep your brain engaged throughout the aging process, listening to or playing music is a great tool. It provides a total brain workout.” Research has shown that listening to music can reduce anxiety, blood pressure, and pain as well as improve sleep. 

There many other things that I stress // obsess over but let’s not go there,a part two should come through!!Sorry for the Short post I’m guilty of not prepping early.

Wanji was here ✌

My writing tools

I thought this would be easy but I thought wrong!! Hello 

Writing tools?? Honestly this is going to be a very disorganised post,my writing tools are diverse and I just can’t Explain// express it ..but I’ll try.

My mind

My mind plays the biggest role when writing, this is where my ideas are generated and I can boldly say I have the craziest yet creative mind!! 
My experiences 

Life itself is a teacher it contributes highly to my writing,So it’s a tool a very important one . Joy ,frustration, pain,love ,fear ,panic attacks,anxiety faith,trust etc. 


Who doesn’t use Google!! All thankss to Google I can get info from the 1800’s without much of a struggle, I can get the hottest topics and get to read other blogs and researchers


How can I forget WordPress, the joy I had when I found out that I can create a website for free and start blogging anytime and I can upgrade and pimp my blog when I I’m financially ready!! Awesomeness Galore 

Colour note

Its an application and this is where all my thought’s are stored. This is where I pre write my posts and secure them such that if I lost my phone they’re backed up in my gmail so no worries, I can never loose my content,I also use the normal notes app.

My phone

Almost forgot, whenever I get an idea my phone is the first thing I look for, just in case the idea decides to go missing. My phone is always on stand by. I also use it to Google and post on my blog.

Other blogs

Yes!! Reading other peoples content broadens your mind. A good examples is this blog, we’re given the same topics yet each writer approaches the topics In a different, unique, cool way . our thinking is different and that’s what makes reading other peoples blogs interesting. Its also improves your writing skills.
This post has to end here because I’m running out of ideas,thank you for stopping by and have yourselves a lit weekend.

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Β Flawed

Everything doesn’t have to be perfect nothing is perfect!!

In life we often find ourselves trying so hard to conform to society,social media, celebrities etc. We try to fit in because there are standards set ,the question is who has set this standards?? 

Why do we give other people the liberty to decide which skin colour, hair or body shape looks better that the other. We are all flawed so I believe no one has the right to set standards for human beings. What I’m good at maybe you ain’t and that’s what makes this world fun to live in.

Imagine if all of us had the same talents// gifts ,We’d have no Abraham Lincon, makeba ,Bill gates ,Beyonce, Kirk Franklin,Emile sandΓ©,Tasha Cobb’s,Lilly Singh,Liza koshy ,Phoebe kamau ,Grabbety covens,John Maxwell, Barbra coracon ,David Ramsey the list is endless. There’s space for all of us to shine .

We are living in times when different is despised,society expect us to be uniform, there’s how we’re supposed to talk,walk,dress  (crap…) It’s a free world but so many people don’t realise that,yet they talk about freedom almost everyday. 

Mental illnesses and suicide have become the talk of the day,a young nine year old attempting suicide because someone on his// her Instagram body shamed them or cyber bullied them. Kids are identifying with there flaws at a young age and they’re being made to believe that they are not perfect if they don’t have a certain skin colour, body shape,hair texture and many other things. 
Who is setting this standards?? Are parents failing somewhere?? Why are kid’s and adults falling victim to society’s judgments??

Life is a gift and the giver of the gift can take it back,live life to the fullest be happy, stay healthy, don’t strain yourself,work hard for what you love, be a cheerful giver,make a change,be the change ,be faithful and just to all, love yourself just that way you are.

You’re Beautifully and uniquely made it doesn’t matter if you’re too dark,long or crooked nose ,your flaws make you YOU.

And that is a wrap.. Make sure you check out the other posts done by my coil friend’s.

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No title……( help)

Hi guys so this weeks theme was about ” ghosts ” this was another tough but fun theme and I hope you’ll enjoy part 1 of the story that has no title. Happy new month ☺

“The dead don’t come back!!” 

Sara,a college kid studying in a foreign country always had some sought of story to share with her friends. They thought she was too extra and naive. Sara called herself the vision bearer,her friends would lough every time she’d refer to herself as TVB. 

Everyday they had to walk to school since the hostel’s were not in the campus grounds. It was like a ritual for Sara to tell her friend’s stories that she’d heard of when, she carried out a research on the culture and lifestyle of the mystic town.

As they were walking past a small bush approaching the schools gate,Lisa saw a shinny coin on the ground.As she was about to pick it up Sara shouted,don’t pick it up ,no one picks up stuff in the mystic town.Why?? Lisa was getting tired of Sara’s speculations and naive stories.

Lisa closely looked at the coin and picked it up,ignoring Sara,and rushed to class. Sara had a bad feelings about the coin,how could all the other student’s fail to pick it up??Its was so shinny, no none could have ignored the coin.She dismissed her naive thoughts and rushed to class. 

After classes Sara met up with Lisa and asked her to give the coin so she can examine it. Lisa looked at her and asked “what have you become now an archeologist”. “Do you even know what that means ” said Sara. Anyway keep your damn coin but if you start noticing weird stuff don’t say I didn’t warn you.

That was the first day that the “gang” walked home without talking to each other ,but as they approached the hostels an old woman pointed at Lisa and said “ulicho beba kitukubeba wewe mwenyewe ” . The girls looked at each other and laughed loud apart from Sara. As they turned to confront the old woman,she was already gone.

“You vision bearer,what was that?” Lisa asked in a sarcastic tone. Sara shouted out of anger that coin is what she was talking about. The girls walked away as Sara looked around to see if the old woman would appear again ,she knew she needed answers!! But the old woman didn’t return.

Sara,I think there’s someone outside, Lisa go back to sleep there’s nothing outside ,I can’t hear anything. Lisa was so sure that there was something outside,but she was too afraid to check it out,so she went back to sleep.

Sara usually woke up Earlier than the girls to read. As she opened the door she saw a Shadow in the shape of a woman holding a baby.She quickly opened the door but there was nothing,Sara looked around not sure she was dreaming or if she really saw the shadow.

As she was about to close the door,Lisa let out a scream that would have deafened anyone that was near her. Sara ran to the room and found Lisa staring at the golden coin that had turned black. “She’s there ,in there” Lisa said ,” she’s looking at me, she’s crying “. Who?? Sara asked Lisa took her buddy bear and started Rocking it like a baby. ” shhhh my baby”,she said.

Sara was scared ,but at the same time something told her to pick the coin,when she touched the coin it was like she’d been swallowed into another world. There were babies everywhere, dead foetuses,then all over sudden the shadows of the babies filled the room as Lisa screamed more and more .

She ran out beating the air still holding On to her Buddy bear saying sorry as the shadows engulfed her. Sara tried to move but she couldn’t. Suddenly all was calm and silence filled the air ,Sara run back to her room then to Lisa’s and she wasn’t there. She tried to explain to her friends what had happened but they ignored her.

What secrets do you  have?? She a asked them. Lisa is gone because of her secrets,none of us are going to get out of this town alive if we don’t say our secrets out loud. Just as one of the girls was about to speak the old lady appeared with the coin in her hand.

She said ” you have unlocked the door to the land of no return,your friend shall not return,but you Sara can change all of that,search deeper and you will find the answer before the world is caught up in their own lies. The old lady disappeared and a white cloud of dust covered the girls as sound’s of laughter covered the air then Lisa appeared but only Sara could see her.

Only a few knew that the mystic town was the the place of truth, the ghosts haunting the town were angels of truth until they disobeyed god and they were sent to earth as a curse. Anyone who entered the town with secrets left without them or dead.

Sara was born in the mystic town but her parents never told her ,she was a child of an angel and a Human. Will she be able to stop the ghosts of truth from Breaking their curse and Invading peoples homes all over the world………

Lets be honest, this darn ghost ain’t scary

Part 2??.

What should be the title i honestly couldn’t find one ??

Thankss a lot for reading my post I hope you enjoyed it ✌ don’t forget to check out the other posts on the theme!! Happy new month ☺

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A warrior’s vengeful heart felt heart β€

I believe that Africa is the home of myths,legends folk tales name it all. As a baby my mum would tell me stories that her mum told her when she was a kid and this tales have been told for centuries non stop ,so today I’m going to tell my own version of this ogre stories by combining some of the stories I’ve been told or that I’ve read of.

Back in the days when the land was filled with  trees only and small hats scarcely placed. There lived one young man and his wife whom he really loved. She was the most beautiful woman man had ever seen. They lived deep in the forest where man feared to enter because of the gods , wild spirits and wild animal’s .
Its was believed that the gods would take  walks in the this parts of the Forest early in the morning and as darkness approached. At around 3 in the morning and afternoon evil spirits would room and trap any person that would be found walking through the Forest and they would never be seen again.

Getty images

Families of ogres also lived in the forests ,they hunted for food when the sun came out . So every villager knew that if they didn’t hunt at midday then they’d have to wait until the next day. 

This young man was a good fighter ,he was the son of a warrior who had slayed many ogres . He was praised by his elders and given the best things in life including very beautiful wives,but one day as he was hunting for his family in the forest an ogre spotted him. 

The ogre remembered he was the man that had killed his father a few years ago ,he got angry and he charged towards the young man’s father.

The family waited, waited ,day and night for their father to return but he was never seen again. On this fateful day the son had followed his father to the forests but no one knew. He Saw everything that happened and vowed to one day revenge for his fathers disappearance.

When he was old enough to marry,he ran away with his beautiful wife into the deepest parts of the Forest, where he would train day and night and use all the tactics that his father had taught him. He perfected his skills at aiming, throwing arrows and running fast.

The wife always encouraged him to train harder and harder ,he loved her dearly. One day early in the morning the young warrior woke up and found the wife gone. He’s heart raced as he looked around the house and rushed outside shouting her name but she was no where to be found.

Just a few meters away from their home there was a tree like no other. Mysterious things were believed to happened around that tree. The tree never shed it’s leaves and its branches were different from all the other trees in the Forest.

Rumor had it that the tree was there due to a curse that was placed on an ogre and a goddess that had fallen in love. The goddess gave birth to a child that was never seen from the day of its birth. The child was a girl and she was immortal and very beautiful.

As the young warrior walked towards the tree he Saw a bright light and beside the eye striking light was his wife in a form no man has ever seen. She was half an ogre and half a goddess. 

As soon as she saw her husband she hid her face,the warrior ran towards her and just as he was about to hug her the bright light exploded and covered both of them …..

Should there be a part two??

There so many ogre stories told all over the world and they’re all awesome and interesting to read. I hope you enjoyed this mixology version that I wrote today. Be sure to check out the other posts done by my awesome friends.

wanji was here!!

Cheers ✌

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